About our Customers

Once you become a Solar Side Up customer, you join our Solar Side Up family.  Each of our customers went through the process of deciding to go solar and go solar with us.  It's a big deal.   It is a big investment into a relatively new technology, and for most people, it is a decision that isn't made without some time to consult a spouse, a friend, or a neighbor that has already gone solar.

Video Testimonials

Ordinary everyday people that you may connect with.  We are honored that many of our customers to the time to film their testimonials.  There is a certain quality that you get when film a customer after they have had a solar energy system installed and see that system producing electricity. These videos were shot with just a few interview questions prepared.  "Why did you decide to go solar?",  "Why did you decide on us to do the install?", "How does this decision fit with your lifestyle?"

Mark & Kari, Highlands Ranch

Mark owns a roofing company, Valor Roofing & Solar.  We have been a partner that helped with hail response services with customers that needed help with their solar.  Mark and Kari learned that you can pay off your Solar [loan] fairly quickly.  Instead of going on a vacation with their tax refund, Mark & Kari used it to pay down, and then they eventually decided to pay off the solar loan.  We use Credit Union financing with no pre-payment penalties.

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James & Rachel

This is a family on the go! They wanted a company that they could trust.  They appreciated how easy the process was and that they didn't have to worry about us getting it done.

A very active family, that lives life to its fullest.  They love Colorado outdoors.  Avid skiers, rock climbers, and road cycling.

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Greg & Maryann

Going solar for Greg & Maryann was about being at the forefront of deciding to do the right thing for them and the environment.  Maryann has wanted solar for some time, and finally, she and Greg settled into a home with their young children and made the call to see if they could swing it.

For Greg, it was all about the numbers.  We went through the ROI, Payback, and how the system would maintain or gain value over time as a power plant on the roof.  He crunched the numbers and they have been cranking the electricity output.

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