Getting the Ball Rollin'

Getting the Ball Rollin'

Frederick, CO Solar Panels Installed
Solar Panels Install - Frederick, CO

Hi. Michael with Solar Side Up. Just checking in. It's February, and it's cold outside, but I've been busy working with other  customers, especially in the last couple of weeks.

They may be like you. It is customary to hear questions about these topics:

1) The difference between a microinverter, DC-optimizer, and string inverter. Yes, these are all different! And it matters.

2) Financing - Loan, Lease, or Cash?
We offer the best solar loan through Elevations credit union as part of the RENU program. If you haven't heard of the RENU program, you may be missing out on the best solar loan in the state! (backed by the state)

3) The Tax Credit - How does that work? And what else is available to me?

Next Steps to get the ball rollin'?
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