How many solar panels do you need to power a house?

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How many solar panels do you need to power a house?

A very good question to ask when shopping for solar power for your home. To properly size your system we should take a pragmatic approach to size your system. We should look at the following:

Annual electricity consumption at your home

We generally need to know what your annual electricity usage before we are ready to answer this question normally.  This is the number of kilowatts (kWh) of electricity you use over the most current 12 months. Some utilities offer a 12-month report from their website when you log into your account.  Others actually show you your last 12 months of usage on your bill as a bar graph.

The orientation of your roof surface(s).

We then need to know which part of your roof the solar panels will be installed. South-facing in Colorado is the best producing for each watt of power installed south generally produces approximately 1.47 watt-hours of energy annually. East is less at approximately 1.28 watt-hours annually. West is about 1.20 watt-hours annually. **West produces electricity in the evening during peak demand for electricity. This is beneficial for homeowners who pay more during evening demand with Time-of-Use billing.

The tilt of your roof

The tilt of your roof will increase the production of solar or decrease the production of solar energy. Direct sunlight produces the most electricity so the tilt matters for optimizing solar production. However, the path of the sun changes during the year and the tilt of your roof is what it is. Overall the difference isn't significant.


Tree, chimneys, other building or structures can shade your solar panels. We will need to design your system that is optimized for shade.

It really depends

Each home is different and has specific requirements and there are rules for homeowners who just moved in or moving into a home with less than 4 months of electricity bills.

Generally speaking, if you have no shading with a south-facing roof using 7500 kWh annually.  This could be 16 320W panels should produce 100% of the electricity you would normally purchase from the utility.


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