Rachel & James went solar in February of 2018.   They had considered solar for their home, but they knew they were not staying in the same house and were looking for the right home in the right neighborhood for their family.  After moving into their new home they reached out to Solar Side Up for a quote.  For them it was about working with the right company; a company they could trust.  They are coming up on their 2 year anniversary and they still love their solar!

Rachel & James, Solar Installation - Denver, CO

Hanwha Q.Cell Duo G5 panels

Enphase Micro Inverters

February 2018

John & Patty moved to Colorado for the beauty and the sun.  For John, it was never a question about going solar.  It was about finding the right company for the job.  The video we did with John was done with one take!  He articulates the reasons for going solar in Colorado so well that we wish everyone in the state would watch it.

John & Patty, Solar Installation in Evergreen, CO

Hanwha QCell Duo G5

Enphase Micro-Inverters

December 2017

For Jeff & Caroline going solar was about doing something really positive.  Of course they looked at the numbers, Jeff especially.  We work really hard to make this process seamless and keep our customers informed and happy.  It's nice to hear that our people made it to the top of the list of what impressed them the most!

Jeff & Caroline, Lafayette, CO

LG  solar panels

Enphase Micro Inverters

July 2017

Mike & Shelly looked at leasing their solar with another national company that drove green trucks, but after some discussion they understood the benefits of owning their system versus leasing (Hint: no real benefits).  They took advantage of the 30% Federal Tax credit, and love how their system is producing!

Mike & Shelley, Broomfield, CO

SolarWorld solar panels

Enphase M250 micro inverters

August 2017