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"You have to have people you're going to trust, I mean it is all about trust. "

James & Rachel went solar as soon as they moved into their Denver, CO home.  They looked at several solar companies before choosing Solar Side Up. James and Rachel both work in health care and knew what they wanted.  They wanted to do something good for them and the environment. After some discussion, they agreed on an Enphase Home Energy solution with Hanwha QCell Duo G5 solar panels and got the solar system for their home that he wanted.  Enphase Energy is a leader in home solar energy solutions.  They are a technology company that makes the integration of complex solar components easy and effortless to the home solar system owner and perfect for residential solar system installation.  It is a system you can trust will last the duration of its 25-year warranty.

You found us!

As a Premium Enphase Home Energy Installer, Solar Side Up gives excellent attention to providing its customers with the best solar panel services, including installation and maintenance.  We've earned that badge! We are the ones in Arvada, CO, who offer highly professional services at affordable rates.

Solar Side Up is well-acknowledged as the best solar panel company in Arvada, CO. Our skilled and technically sound team has earned us the rank under the top 10 contractors of the area. Contact us now and try our services at least rates.

Affordability is one factor that makes the expert services of Solar Side Up stand out from other companies. You can get our most professional and skilled services without paying a fortune for them!

Are you tired of that electricity bill? All you have is a stack of electric bills to show for it.

You may have gone paperless with your utility company and you may have your payments made automatically.  How much was that bill?

More fires, more floods, more bad news!

After the billions of dollars spent fighting wildfires across Colorado (not to mention California and Australia).  The rising sea level and acidification of our oceans in the news. Ready to do something about it?

Feeling like the neighbor may be more prepared for the energy of tomorrow?

You are driving by solar panel installations with solar on every home of that new subdivision near you or your neighbor just installed solar panels on their home.  Did you miss something?

Solar Panels? You don't know much about it.

It seems like it may take a lot of research to find the information you need to make an informed decision.  What panels are available? How long do they last?  Does that fit into our plans?  Will we be in our home long enough for this to make sense?  We get it.

The electricity bill will continue to come every month until you address it.  You can absolutely reduce that electric bill to nearly zero with a residential solar system. Schedule time with us, a consultative solar service company that will analyze your current energy use and designs a home solar system to offset your current usage or within current regulatory guidelines. We can level your energy cost and protect you against climbing energy costs. A home solar system will save you tens of thousands of dollars!  There is value to producing your own energy, and while you may be stuck thinking about how to reduce your monthly bill, the value you add to your home is undeniable.  About four thousand dollars for every kilowatt (KW).  An average home may increase $20 thousand with solar!  What other home improvements will make you money?

We can't rely on the government or the utility to get this right.  You can make a positive impact on the environment today with a solar system for your home.   A better tomorrow for our children and grandchildren.  And you don't have to spend any more than you are already spending on electricity anyway with your utility company.  We specialize in educating people on the environmental impacts of residential solar systems.  The good you do is equivalent to planting acres of trees, removing tens of thousands of tons of coal from being burned.  We are an elite solar service company that will spend time with our customers to help them make an informed decision including the good they do to help save the planet.

We've made it a point to install Enphase Home Energy Systems.  It is important to include top tier, excellent solar panels like Hanwha QCell, Silfab, and Mission Solar, but even more important to get them paired with the best inverter technology to maximize production and durability of the system installation. Get an optimized home solar system with the very best technology on the market at a reasonable price. You can have it all! Including the peace of mind that it was installed by people who know solar and live in your state!

Probably, the most important benefit we offer is our knowledge.  We want to make sure you have all the facts, numbers, and trust to make a comfortable decision and one that you'll be glad you made.   We are educators in many ways so that you get a full picture of the system that will be delivering the electricity you need well into the future!

About Us

Solar Side Up has been ranked among the top 10 solar panel installers in the state. Our locally owned and operated solar panel installation company has worked hard and efficiently to gain this position. We provide the highest quality service and that too at the least possible rates. Our wide range of expert services makes us the most favorable option for our customers in Arvada, CO!

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Our company has a reputation for using the best material and providing the best service. We take pride in our quality! Hire us now in Evergreen, CO to get the best solar panel services at low rates.

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The Factors Which Make Us Your Best Choice In The Area Are:

  • Ranked Under Top 10 installers
  • Insured & Licensed
  • Skills & Experienced Team
  • Affordable Services
  • Wide Range Of Service
  • Customized Solutions
  • Cost Estimates

Our Main Services

In Arvada, CO we provide our highest quality services of:

  • Residential Solar System
  • Commercial Solar System
  • Solar System Repair
  • Roof Repair
  • Solar Financing

Skilled Team

Solar Side Up has a team that is skilled and trained enough to deal with the installation and maintenance of every kind of panel i.e. Silfab panel installation, Hanwha QCell panel installation, Mission panel installation, and others.

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