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Why Solar Energy?  Why Solar Panels? Why on top of my house?

After a hundred or more kitchen table solar proposal reviews over the last few years, I've heard this question asked in many ways.  Here are the top reasons.

1. Everyone Loves a Tax Credit

The investment tax credit (ITC), also known as the federal solar tax credit, allows you in 2020 to deduct 26 percent of the total cost of installing a solar energy system from your federal taxes. There is no cap on its value. It also carries to next year if you can’t use it all first year.

2. Make Money, Not Just Save Money

For every dollar you invest, you get that dollar back plus two dollars over the life of the system. Use that money to fund your other dreams.

3. Why Wait to Save Money?

Electricity prices always go up. The sooner you go solar, the sooner you will start saving money. Payback in asset value is in just one year.

4. Self-Power Your Home

Be in control of your own power forever. We move the power plant to your roof. Your solar makes the same kilowatt-hours produced by your utility.

5. Solar is the Best Value Home Improvement to Your Home

Turn your solar on and its home improvement value goes up every year. The value of your solar doesn’t depreciate like other home upgrades. No other home improvement appreciates in value. What other home improvements can you think of that will make you money – not just save you money? All you had to do is turn on the lights. The resell value of solar in 2015 was $4 a watt and we quoted you well below that plus you get the Tax Credit!

6. Become More Independent “Autonomous” from the Grid - Batteries

Future home electricity is a solar home. Technology today allows a choice to buy your electricity from the utility for more money or become self-consuming with electricity produced on-site for less. Even more expensive Time-of-Use Utility billing is coming by 2021. Batteries are becoming a cost-effective choice to offset these higher rate structures.

7. Fight Climate Change

Take charge and fight climate change. For every KWH produced by coal over 2 pounds of CO2 is released, for Natural gas 1.22 pounds of CO2. For Solar, its ZERO CO2 released to the environment. They Energy Pay-Back Time (EPBT) for solar is just a few months. For Coal, it’s never.

8. Be Up When the Grid is Down

Most solar historically goes down when the grid is down for safety reasons. But now you can be up when the grid is down.

9. Solar is Now Mainstream

Solar Works! We’ll show you how it works for you.

Jamie & Rachel know just how easy it is to go Solar with Solar Side Up.

About Us
Solar Side Up LLC is a locally owned and operated company that quickly earned its place among the top 10 solar system installers in the state. We provide custom solutions to the unique energy needs of our customers in Colorado. Our solutions are always reliable, affordable, and utterly efficient. These factors make us the best solar panel company for you in the area.

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Solar Panel Installation Quotes
One of our excellent services is that we offer solar panel installation quotes beforehand. Giving quotes is a win-win situation for both the company and the customer.

Our Top Services

Our top-notch services in CO are:

  • Residential Solar System
  • Commercial Solar System
  • Roofing
  • Solar System Repair
  • Roof Repair
  • Solar Financing

Why Should You Hire Us In Lakewood CO As Your Solar Panel Company?

The Factors Which Make Us Your Best Choice In The Area Are:

Ranked Under Top 10 installers
Insured & Licensed
Skills & Experienced Team
Affordable Services
Wide Range Of Service
Customized Solutions
Cost Estimates

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