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Serving Colorado families for nearly ten years.  As a top 10 installer, we have outfitted over 1,200 homes since 2011.  We install solar energy systems that are proudly owned and proudly installed.

You have questions, and we have answers.  Meet with one of our Solar Side Up advisors today.

Quality & Service

We provide superior quality work and service because we believe the only acceptable outcome is your satisfaction!

Save Time, Money & Hassle

Get the benefit of our expertise and longevity from 9+ years of experience and over 1,200 solar panel installations.

No Pressure, Just Info

Get honest answers and advice from our  solar advisors. Be informed, not sold – that’s the Solar Side Up way!

Amplify Your Postive Impact

Do business with a socially & environmentally responsible company that’s a force for good in Colorado.

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Colorado's Favorite Solar Company

At Solar Side Up, we’re proud to offer superior products and services to Colorado homeowners and businesses seeking eco-friendly and money-saving solutions.  Unlike other commercial and residential solar installation services, our goal is to ensure lasting customer satisfaction.  This is why we go the extra mile to address all of your questions and concerns before you ever sign a contract or submit a payment.  Solar Side Up stands out from the other top solar companies in Colorado.  We are well established as a business of nearly 10 years, carry no debt as a company, and continue to install home solar energy systems that our Solar Side Up family of customers are proud of. 
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We are Virtual! We can meet when you have time and safely online or by phone.

12 months of electricity usage is needed to design your system.  Energy use varies with households.  New to your home, no problem.  We just need the finished square feet of your home.

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Residential Solar

We’ve helped over a thousand of Colorado homeowners save money with solar, and we can help you, too

Commercial Solar

We’re recognized experts in developing, designing, building, and maintaining commercial solar projects.


We help customers with roofing needs and we help those looking to add solar or have solar as well.  We’re Hail experts for both roofing and solar.


The Sunny Side of Solar

We know you have a choice when it comes down to who will be installing the solar panels on your roof.  We hope that we would be your choice.  A couple of items you may want to consider:

  • Solar Side Up -  A Top 10  CO installer
  • Solar - Built To Last
  • Skilled Team - We Are The Best
  • Master Electrician Designed
  • We Don’t Cut Corners Permitting
  • Affordable Services
  • Comprehensive Solar & Batteries
  • Designed For Your Exact Home
  • Hail Happens - We Can Help
  • Support When You Need It

Locally Known, Trusted, Experienced, Engaged, and Growing

Solar Side Up is a solar energy integrator, specializing in residential and commercial solar electric systems.  We are your provider in expert design and installation for systems ranging from 3KW to 500 KW.  We pride ourselves in helping to find custom solutions for your unique energy needs.

We sell solar panels, inverters and racking for residential and commercial installations.  Our industry contacts and connections help to purchase these items at the best prices.  This enables us to pass-on the best pricing to you.

We can help you with assistance in obtaining the most current utility rebates and tax incentives.  This makes solar pay for itself in a very short time while providing years of clean energy for your home or business.

We focus on providing high-quality turn-key solar electric solutions to customers throughout Colorado. Our solar panels come with a standard warranty, and we design all of our systems to provide virtually maintenance-free solar electrical generation system for years to come.

We offer site evaluations and would be happy to visit your home or office to explain the benefits of going with Solar Side Up.

With utility costs rising each year, now is the time to lock-in your electric costs for the next several decades.


The team at Solar Side Up is very friendly and helpful. Michael walked me through the process of getting financed, and was flexible with us as we got everything in order. The system is working great, installation went smoothly, and I trust that I can reach out whenever I have questions. 

— Kyle J. (Google Review)

After researching solar installers and equipment, Solar Side Up provided me with a state of the art system that has performed perfectly since its installation in Sept. 2020. Worked with Jeff, Geoff and the installer Satchel, who all are excellent, highly knowledgeable and were very responsive to all my questions. Design and installation of the system maximized solar production with their placement. SSU coordinated all necessary permits and I was pleased when Xcel connected my system very quickly upon completion. Monitoring production with Enphase app provides all the information that any energy ‘nerd’ would love having, but SSU also monitors output of its customers as an extra bonus. My neighbors love the clean look of the solar panels and their installation, hoping to also benefit from our sunny climate with green power. Would highly recommend the team at SSU if you are investigating a solar system!

— Howard B. (Google Review)

Everyone at Solar Side Up is wonderful to work with, you are their #1 priority. Michael has gone above and beyond and has fixed our issues that we had from dealing with Solar USA. I would recommend Solar Side Up to anyone in CO who wants to go solar.

— Samantha W. (Google Review)

We recently had solar panels installed at our home by Solar Side Up and everything about the entire process went perfectly and without any difficulty or problems. I did a lot of research prior to our install and Solar Side checked off all my concerns, they are knowledgeable, experienced, use the latest solar technology and their price is very competitive. They took care of the entire permitting process. I needed the panels up before the end of the year for the my tax rebate and they promised and met the year end deadline. I highly recommend Solar Side Up for anyone interested in adding solar to their home.

— Tom D. (Google Review)

Love this company. From our very first meeting Michael was easy to deal with and answered all of my questions...which were many. The panels were installed quickly and without a mess. Geoff the engineer even sat and had coffee with me after my final inspection. Great product for a great price! Highly recommend.

— Ashley L. (Google Review)

Solar Side Up took care of all the details, and followed up at every step to guide me through the process. Everything went very smoothly, the installer was quick, and they guided me through the loan process and the rebate application. I'm very happy with my solar panel system!

— Greta V. (Google Review)

Solar Side Up installed our system in 2014, worked hard to do a ground mount that other contractors wouldn’t do, as our metal roof wouldn’t take a solar array. Recently I discovered one of the micro inverters had failed. SSU ordered the replacement part and walked me through the (easy) replacement so I’m back at full power!

— Doug B. (Google Review)

Solar Side Up installed our solar panels in 2016 and it is by far the best investment we've every made to control our energy costs. Having moved from Texas to Colorado, we wanted to take full advantage of the 300 days of sun here. We purchased the system so that any future homeowners would not have issues associated with leases, and we also took full advantage of the 30% energy credits. Our energy bills in Texas easily averaged over $500 per month. Since installing our system, our energy bills are under $50 per month, and most of our bill is for gas heat charges.

Solar Side Up did a tremendous job with the installation when other companies told us our roof line would not produce enough results to warrant the expense. Our system allows us to monitor it via our phone or laptop (24/7), and we receive monthly production reports detailing the output and performance.

I would highly recommend Solar Side Up if you are considering a solar system for your home. They are tremendous people and pride themselves on delivering outstanding service.

— Dwight C. (Google Review)

*Update* The Solar Side Up guys installed my system 5 years ago and it has been working great! Now we needed our roof replaced and their team handled start to finish my solar removal, my roof replacement, reinstalling my solar and my new solar system upgrades as well. I’m getting a great tax credit with their help. They scheduled the work right in sync between solar and roofing and then solar and upgrades. Start to finish in about two weeks. Couldn’t be happier and I highly recommend them. Nobody will work on my roof and solar but Solar Side Up!

Jeff installed our solar system in 2014, and we have been nothing but thrilled! The installation was timely, tidy and professional. Jeff provided us all of the paperwork for us to get our tax credits and to deal with the electric company and roof inspection (req'd by the County). The system was sized properly, and we get a utility refund yearly. Thanks Jeff and Solar Side-Up.

— Loni G. (Google Review)

2021 Is going to be a busy year, Start Today

There is no doubt we are going to have a busy year.  Our recommendation is to start early in the year and avoid the hassle and stress of the end-of-year rush we always see because of the solar tax credit.