Make Money, not just save money! Take control of your energy bill while saving the planet!

  • Is solar right for for me?
  • Where should the panels be installed?
  • How many solar panels do I need?
  • Aren't all solar home energy systems the same?
  • How do I know I'm getting a great solar energy system for my money?

We've been installing solar in Colorado for over 8 years, our experts make it easy to get the answers to all your home solar systems & repair questions.

Simply schedule an appointment.  It can be call back, or a web meeting, or we'll come out to your home and meet one-on-one.  Your choice.

Insider tip: 2019 is the final year to receive the full 30% off your solar power system from the federal tax credit. Act now to secure your 2019 installation!

Residential Solar Panel Installation Home Solar Systems & Repair

Residential Solar Panel Installation

We’ve helped over a thousand of Colorado homeowners save money with solar, and we can help you, too

Commercial Solar

We’re recognized experts in developing, designing, building, and maintaining commercial solar projects.


We help customers with roofing needs and we help those looking to add solar or have solar as well.  We’re Hail experts for both roofing and solar.

The Solar Side Up Difference

Quality & Service

We provide superior quality work and service because we believe the only acceptable outcome is your satisfaction!

Save Time, Money & Hassle

Get the benefit of our expertise and longevity from 8+ years of experience and over 1,000 solar panel installations.

No Pressure, Just Info

Get honest answers and advice from our  solar advisors. Be informed, not sold – that’s the Solar Side Up way!

Amplify Your Postive Impact

Do business with a socially & environmentally responsible company that’s a force for good in Colorado.

Denver's Favorite Solar System Installer

At Solar Side Up, we’re proud to offer superior products and services to Colorado homeowners and businesses seeking eco-friendly and money-saving solutions.  Unlike other commercial and residential solar installation services, our goal is to ensure lasting customer satisfaction.  This is why we go the extra mile to address all of your questions and concerns before you ever sign a contract or submit a payment.  We want you to be happy with the solar energy system you install, even if it doesn’t come from us.
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Locally Known, Trusted, Experienced, Engaged, and Growing

Solar Side Up is a solar energy integrator, specializing in residential and commercial solar electric systems.  We are your provider in expert design and installation for systems ranging from 3KW to 500 KW.  We pride ourselves in helping finding custom solutions for your unique energy needs.

We sell solar panels, inverters and racking for residential and commercial installations.  Our industry contacts and connections help to purchase these items at the best prices.  This enables us to pass-on the best pricing to you.

We can help you with assistance in obtaining the most current utility rebates and tax incentives.  This makes solar pay for itself in a very short time while providing years of clean energy for your home or business.

We focus on providing high-quality turn-key solar electric solutions to customers throughout Colorado. Our solar panels come with a standard warranties, and we design all of our systems to provide virtually maintenance free solar electrical generation system for years to come.

We offer site evaluations and would be happy to visit your home or office to explain the benefits of going with Solar Side Up.

With utility costs rising each year, now is the time to lock-in your electric costs for the next several decades.

Start today!  We'll be in contact with you soon.