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"Never start a business just to make money, start a business to make a difference"

The Solar Side Up Story

Solar Side Up originated from Jeff investigating and installing a 10K ground-mounted solar system in his back yard.  At the time it was nearly installed Jeff realized he needed professional help to wire-in his new power plant.   After an exhaustive search, Jeff found this small notice on the web about an electrician performing solar work.  Jeff called him up and wouldn’t you know it - Geoff the Master Electrician lived two blocks away in the same neighborhood.  Geoff came over and wired up Jeff’s solar.  Jeff knew right then once the solar was working that there was a business opportunity to get solar to people who wanted to save money on their power, control their own power and save the planet. Read More


Harrison is an unapologetically die-hard Detroit Lions fan who also has a passion for renewable energy. After graduating from Colorado College in the Springs, Harrison returned home to Michigan for a year to serve in Americorps. The mountains were calling though and he has been back in Colorado ever since. Bringing his past experience working in policy, teaching, and starting his own business, Harrison would love the opportunity to show you how Solar is the best option for you and your family.  You can reach him at 720-443-3085.


Keoni is a starving, gap year, but going back to College Student. Keoni is putting together solar quotes all day long. Keoni is currently working on the Front Range communities of Lakewood, Golden, and Littleton. There isn't much Keoni hasn't seen or quoted for residential homes. Keoni loves gaming and volunteers as a Ski Patroller at Loveland.

Michael Ross

Michael moved to Colorado 5 years ago. He loves the outdoors and everything it has to offer and enjoys spending time with his family on the slopes in the winter, skiing, and enjoys the mountain range. In the warmer months, he spends time soaking up the sun on a golf course. He looks forward to working with you and helping you meet all your energy needs. Give him a call when you're ready to chat about going green at 303-210-3557.


I am an outdoor enthusiast trained in geology and environmental science. In 2017 I moved to Colorado with my fiance (and our cat!) from North Carolina. We love exploring nature, camping, and enjoying the music scene.  I would love to work with you to share how solar will benefit not only you and your family, but our environment. My experience in education and my passion for a healthy planet makes working in solar so rewarding and so much fun!


Satchel is an aspiring renaissance man who enjoys long walks in the mountains. Satchel loves to install solar and is proud of the work he does supporting clean energy while helping people cut their energy bills. Satchel is passionate about playing music, comic books, nature, and snowboarding.


Brian has spent the last 3 years in the renewable energy field working in research and development with global standards in safety technology. Currently enrolled at Harvard University and is taking the NABCEP exam this summer (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) Brian's active role with us is your commercial and residential consultant as your energy advisor.

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Solar Side Up is a collection of talent.  We all bring our uniqueness to our company that believes in our mission to empower people with the very best in solar energy.  

Jeff Fleischman

Jeff Fleischman

Founder & CEO

Jeff has over 20 years of experience in all aspects of corporate start ups, funding, operations, and technical management of environmentally friendly and Green endeavors in the consulting, construction, emerging technology, land revitalization, retail and electronic technology fields.  For Solar Side Up he manages the day to day and growth activities of the company.  He also enjoys his saltwater aquarium tank and pinball hobbies along with walks with his artist wife Kendra and two grown daughters.

Geoff Vezzetti

Geoff Vezzetti

Founder & Operations

Geoff has over 20 years of Residential, Commercial and Solar experience.  He maintains a Masters Electrician License and oversees each installation personally.  He has owned and operated his own company for many years.  As a Founder of Solar side Up he manages and performs the design, estimating and system installations.  He also enjoys his son Austin, fostering Labradors and mountain getaways.

Michael DeRosia

Michael DeRosia

Business Development & Sales

Michael has over 17 years in Information Technologies and is a U.S.M.C. veteran. The business development manager and lead to our sales division. His passion for solar is seen with all his activism in nonprofit organizations and his involvement with COSEIA, CRES, and New Energy Colorado.  He lives in Lakewood, where he started the Sustainable Neighborhood program for Green Mountain. You’ll see him in a red vest as a National Ski Patroller at Loveland Ski Area during the Ski Season.

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Solar Proudly Installed

We have over 1,200 customers in our Solar Side Up family and growing.  Our commitment is that we will take care of you like family.

We install quality first, and solutions that will last as long as the 25-year warranty.  It is a commitment to use components that are durable and will withstand the test of time.

We are a high five-star rated and appreciated company that strives for excellence in every project we do.  We are committed to solving the problems that come our way and help customers who want solar, get solar; the solar that they are proud to own.


The team at Solar Side Up is very friendly and helpful. Michael walked me through the process of getting financed, and was flexible with us as we got everything in order. The system is working great, installation went smoothly, and I trust that I can reach out whenever I have questions. 

— Kyle J. (Google Review)

"We had a great experience buying from Solar Side Up. They handled all the permitting and inspection, helped us get financing, and the installation was done a month sooner than promised. The staff were helpful and responsive, and answered all the questions we had."

— Scott F. (Google Review)

After researching solar installers and equipment, Solar Side Up provided me with a state of the art system that has performed perfectly since its installation in Sept. 2020. Worked with Jeff, Geoff and the installer Satchel, who all are excellent, highly knowledgeable and were very responsive to all my questions. Design and installation of the system maximized solar production with their placement. SSU coordinated all necessary permits and I was pleased when Xcel connected my system very quickly upon completion. Monitoring production with Enphase app provides all the information that any energy ‘nerd’ would love having, but SSU also monitors output of its customers as an extra bonus. My neighbors love the clean look of the solar panels and their installation, hoping to also benefit from our sunny climate with green power. Would highly recommend the team at SSU if you are investigating a solar system!

— Howard B. (Google Review)

Everyone at Solar Side Up is wonderful to work with, you are their #1 priority. Michael has gone above and beyond and has fixed our issues that we had from dealing with Solar USA. I would recommend Solar Side Up to anyone in CO who wants to go solar.

— Samantha W. (Google Review)

We recently had solar panels installed at our home by Solar Side Up and everything about the entire process went perfectly and without any difficulty or problems. I did a lot of research prior to our install and Solar Side checked off all my concerns, they are knowledgeable, experienced, use the latest solar technology and their price is very competitive. They took care of the entire permitting process. I needed the panels up before the end of the year for the my tax rebate and they promised and met the year end deadline. I highly recommend Solar Side Up for anyone interested in adding solar to their home.

— Tom D. (Google Review)

Love this company. From our very first meeting Michael was easy to deal with and answered all of my questions...which were many. The panels were installed quickly and without a mess. Geoff the engineer even sat and had coffee with me after my final inspection. Great product for a great price! Highly recommend.

— Ashley L. (Google Review)

Solar Side Up took care of all the details, and followed up at every step to guide me through the process. Everything went very smoothly, the installer was quick, and they guided me through the loan process and the rebate application. I'm very happy with my solar panel system!

— Greta V. (Google Review)

Solar Side Up installed our system in 2014, worked hard to do a ground mount that other contractors wouldn’t do, as our metal roof wouldn’t take a solar array. Recently I discovered one of the micro inverters had failed. SSU ordered the replacement part and walked me through the (easy) replacement so I’m back at full power!

— Doug B. (Google Review)

Solar Side Up installed our solar panels in 2016 and it is by far the best investment we've every made to control our energy costs. Having moved from Texas to Colorado, we wanted to take full advantage of the 300 days of sun here. We purchased the system so that any future homeowners would not have issues associated with leases, and we also took full advantage of the 30% energy credits. Our energy bills in Texas easily averaged over $500 per month. Since installing our system, our energy bills are under $50 per month, and most of our bill is for gas heat charges.

Solar Side Up did a tremendous job with the installation when other companies told us our roof line would not produce enough results to warrant the expense. Our system allows us to monitor it via our phone or laptop (24/7), and we receive monthly production reports detailing the output and performance.

I would highly recommend Solar Side Up if you are considering a solar system for your home. They are tremendous people and pride themselves on delivering outstanding service.

— Dwight C. (Google Review)

*Update* The Solar Side Up guys installed my system 5 years ago and it has been working great! Now we needed our roof replaced and their team handled start to finish my solar removal, my roof replacement, reinstalling my solar and my new solar system upgrades as well. I’m getting a great tax credit with their help. They scheduled the work right in sync between solar and roofing and then solar and upgrades. Start to finish in about two weeks. Couldn’t be happier and I highly recommend them. Nobody will work on my roof and solar but Solar Side Up!

Jeff installed our solar system in 2014, and we have been nothing but thrilled! The installation was timely, tidy and professional. Jeff provided us all of the paperwork for us to get our tax credits and to deal with the electric company and roof inspection (req'd by the County). The system was sized properly, and we get a utility refund yearly. Thanks Jeff and Solar Side-Up.

— Loni G. (Google Review)