Can an HOA prevent me from going Solar? Colorado says NO.

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The Homeowners Association (HOA)

In truth, dealing with HOAs or Metro Districts is fairly a straight forward process for us.   We just need the contact information of your HOA and we’ll do the submission to the HOA for your solar.

Can the HOA deny solar energy systems for a homeowner in an HOA?  NO.

Colorado law prevents the HOA from preventing you from going solar! Colorado law (C.R.S. 38-30-168) addresses the authority of HOAs to regulate the installation and use of “solar energy devices” which are defined as “. . . a solar collector or other device or a structural design feature of a structure that provides for the collection of sunlight and which comprises part of a system for the conversion of the sun’s radiant energy into thermal, chemical, mechanical or electrical energy.” Solar panels clearly fall within this definition.

The actual law states that any HOA with a covenant restriction stating that solar panels are prohibited or restricted in any way is unenforceable under Colorado law (C.R.S. 38-30-168).


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As the newest member of the Solar Side Up, I’m excited to be participating in a fast-growing industry.  I’m equally excited about joining Solar Side Up as a leading solar provider in Colorado.  I am so impressed with the experience of this Solar Side Up team.  What I find to be the most exceptional is the long 25 years tenure of our Master Electrician Geoff as a Solar Installer in Colorado.  Geoff is on-site with all the installs and you know he cares as one of the owners of the company.  The other owner Jeff is amazing too.  He is at every team meeting guiding us through the latest technology with the dos and don’ts of pairing solar panels with the latest Enphase Ensemble platform.  Being able to set the right expectation with leading-edge technology is important to these guys. We want to continue to guide our customers to the best outcomes and solar that will just work. We are a turn-key solar installer in Colorado.  As such, we do the Home Owner’s Association (HOA) submissions for our customers so they don’t have to deal with their HOA when starting their home solar energy installation project.  We make going solar easy.


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