March 13, 2020

COVID-19, Coronavirus, Solar, and the Market

Solar Side Up - Save Some Green with Solar

Solar Side Up - Save Some Green with Solar

We are all in this together!  In Colorado, we seem to be past the peak, and on the backside of the curve, we want to flatten.  We're Still Here! We haven't stopped installing solar and we can still honor social distancing and help you go solar.

We have always had the capability of virtual appointments, which we are entirely doing with the stay at home orders. We can review a proposal, answer all your questions about how to go solar, and why it is a great time to do it.   We are offering very attractive pricing and sharpening our pencils to help our customers afford solar.  The economics made sense before, and now it is beyond a no brainer.

As the stock market can wreak havoc on your investments - this is a great time to consider solar which is a great 26% tax credit investment win first year and a steady win every year that never loses money.  All you do is keep turning on your lights.  No dips in economic return, just steady performance.

At times we feel like we become less and less in control.  We can get much more control in our lives by owning and producing our own power.  And coming shortly operating when the grid is down - a first in the solar industry.  All with a 26% Federal tax credit.

Now is a great time to get the best financing rates.

The recent news of coronavirus can make people nervous - and understandably so since the health and safety of our customers is a top priority. And while we expect the effects on the home improvement market to be short-term, we understand that delays in supply chains and the cancellation of industry events are a disruption to the growth of our business.

Although there is currently unrest in the financial markets and the general economy, Solar Side Up's highly diversified and stable funding commitments ensure that we can continue to support the growth of our home improvement customers in any economic climate. Industry data indicates that leading home improvement companies finance more than 50% of sales and that in periods of uncertainty, there is even more demand from consumers for promotional payment options. We have extensive experience helping home improvement customers use our financing programs to help customers go solar in any economic climate.

Solar Side Up's long term stability and commitment to the home improvement industry has enabled us to continuously invest in new products and innovations, including:

  1. Pre-Approval & Pre-Qual Programs to help drive more sales, reduce marketing costs, and increase close rates
  2. Our Credit Application process is the fastest, easiest way to get approvals
  3. Plan Filtering to put you in control of the loan plans our sales team offers

Jamie & Rachel know just how easy it is to go Solar with Solar Side Up.About Us
Solar Side Up LLC is a locally owned and operated company that quickly earned its place among the top 10 solar system installers in the state. We provide custom solutions to the unique energy needs of our customers in Colorado. Our solutions are always reliable, affordable, and utterly efficient. These factors make us the best solar panel company for you in the area.

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One of our excellent services is that we offer solar panel installation quotes beforehand. Giving quotes is a win-win situation for both the company and the customer.

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Our top-notch services in CO are:

  • Residential Solar System
  • Commercial Solar System
  • Roofing
  • Solar System Repair
  • Roof Repair
  • Solar Financing

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The Factors Which Make Us Your Best Choice In The Area Are: Ranked Under Top 10 installers
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