November 15, 2021

Damage to Solar Panels - Steps to File a Claim

Solar panels today are very durable. Damage to solar panels from hail and wind is unlikely, but it can happen. Thankfully this sort of damage is covered under most home insurance policies.

If you experience damage to solar panel, you need to report the damage to your insurance company, and then you can engage us to work with your insurance company on the repair/replacement.

More specifically, here's what you need to do:

  1.  Know your date of loss:  The date of loss is when the hail (or wind) occurred. If you have hail damage on a roof where you need assistance finding a date of loss, there are so many helpful sites on the web like Stormer Site, Interactive Hail Maps, or Hail Strike. Do a google search on "Hail Storm [your City]."  Any of these sites have a list of dates when hail could have damaged your roof. Pick the most recent date.
  2. Start a claim:  Reach out to your homeowner's insurance company with a phone call, web form, or through your Insurance Agent. The process starts with an inspection of your roof (and solar). Typically, the solar is undamaged. It just needs to be removed and reinstalled for the reroofing.
  3. After the Adjuster's visit: After the roof (and solar) has been inspected and evaluated for damage, the Adjuster will recommend repairs. The Adjuster will provide the homeowner with a scope of work or claim estimate of what is included in the restoration to bring the homeowner whole. Please provide us with that document to engage the Adjuster and review the scope and estimation to ensure it covers everything that needs restoring. The contractor receives what insurance will pay at market pricing. The cost of materials, the time required to repair can change during the review of work with the Adjuster and the insurance company.
  4. Starting work: We will begin to work with completed paperwork, and we have your agreement to do the job. We collect the First payment to start the work.

If you have any questions about filing an insurance claim, or you've filed a claim, give us a call today at (303) 955-4136

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