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Eric at Solar Side Up
Eric at Solar Side Up
We don't like being negative about our industry, but we need to write about the 1.99% financing, or 2.99% financing, or 3.99% financing offers you may see with some solar companies. These offers should raise the red flags for the consumer.  Why are these rates below what reputable banks are offering?   We call it convenience financing and it is a typical way to finance home services like windows, doors, furniture, and appliances.   The financial banks offer these types of loans as high-risk financing where the financing company behind the loan does not qualify the creditworthiness of the buyer.  Because of the higher risk involved the financing company places a dealer fee to the loan and that gets passed on to the buyer.  The fee can be substantial.  Thousands of dollars.  The solar salesperson selling this convenience may have an application where they snap a picture of your driver's license, it fills out the pertinent information on the screen and within minutes the salesperson shows you the finance application is approved from the screen.  It is fast, it is convenient, and the buyer has no idea of the money that goes to the financing company.  Or that they paid for that convenience with a much higher cost for their solar. But the loan is approved and the solar is going to save you $20 a month from your average electricity bill.  It could be a 30-year loan.
Having the right financing is essential. In the early days of solar, the problem was that established banks and lending institutions knew very little about solar or the industry to feel comfortable to finance it. Just in the last couple of years did solar start seeing credit unions and banks willing to finance solar energy loans.  Getting a great solar loan should be as easy a great car loan. Credit Unions are great financiers of cars and now are starting to finance solar! Currently, we offer excellent financing with the same lenders who finance your vehicle with the same low interest.

Recommendation financed through our excellent credit union partners.

1) Elevations Credit Union  -

We were instrumental in the launch of the RENU program by the Colorado Energy Office.  Elevations Credit Union was the first credit union in Colorado be offer Energy Efficiency and Solar loans through this program.  Through Elevation Credit Union you can get a loan at 2.75% for 36 months or you can get a loan with excellent credit for 5.5% and 180 months with installments that are much like you are already paying your utility company for energy that you have no control over. How would you like to reduce your utility bill to just a connection fee? You can absolutely do that for what you are already paying the utility company.  That is why you are seeing more and more neighbors going solar!  It is affordable!

2) Generations CU -

We have had years of financial lending support from this Washington and now Colorado-based company.  Before COVID-19 they had a Summer Loan program that allowed borrowers to go No Money, 0 down, and go 16 months with no payments with 4.7% interest!  It was called their Summer Solar Loan program and it was a very popular loan choice for many of our customers because it gave them time to file taxes and apply the Federal Tax Credit for this solar loan.  The Summer Loan is not available at this time, but they still have 4 other loan programs to make solar affordable.


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Solar loans are helping consumers to maximize the financial benefits of solar power systems. Here, reviews the pros and cons of both secured and unsecured solar loans as well as the loan terms, approval requirements, and timelines for both types. For a more detailed discussion of solar loans, visit When wondering how to finance your solar energy system, there are a number of different financing options you'll want to consider: Loans, leases and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). All of these have varying pros and cons and should be weighted depending on the specific context of the buyer. When shopping for solar, it's important that you are educated about all the little details about financing a solar home. Here are some other video content options to help you get ahead of other buyers:

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