September 10, 2021

Our Customers are Family - and our Support Never Stops!

Like many small businesses, Solar Side Up set out to make a difference in our community from the very beginning by taking our skills, expertise, and problem-solving to a market to bring solar energy to the homes and businesses in Denver and all of Colorado. We started off installing solar systems for some of the big national companies, but it became increasingly clear how little support they offered customers - especially after a system was installed.

From here, we set out to offer customers a better way. As firm believers in solar energy ourselves, we built our business model around providing the best customer service and support possible. We educate our customers so that they understand the ins and outs of solar energy, the process of going solar, and how to finance your solar system. We take care to correctly size each system to achieve the customer's goals and each install is done by a master electrician.

Once we install a system for a customer, we consider them part of the family - the Solar Side Up Family - and we do our very best to treat them like it. Unlike most solar installers, our commitment to customers extends far beyond the solar install itself. Below is a list of standard support available for each and every Solar Side Up customer.

  1. System Expansion: We initially sized your system for a baseline of annual electricity usage. In some families, that baseline never changes. For others, it does. With more and more people planning for an Electric Vehicle (EV), we can add solar panels to offset the miles traveled by an electric car.
  2. Legacy Upgrade: We love our older solar systems-however, some Solar Energy systems have aged and may need upgrading. The technology has improved, and in some cases, there is limited space on the roof.
  3. Always on (Battery Backup): As energy prices continue to rise and the cost of batteries continues to improve, it seems like it won't be long before having electric power autonomy or home energy security is within our reach. Currently, batteries are expensive, bleeding-edge technology. The installation effort required to wire and commission the home backup energy system places most homeowners' costs out of reach.
  4. ReRoof / Hail Claim: We have our crews reroof your home. As we've said many times, hail happens in Colorado. We're standing ready to assist you with your Insurance Hail Claim. We negotiate with your insurance company to ensure we handle the removal of your solar equipment, reroof, and finally, reinstall the solar as well or better than we did the first time. *This is always an opportunity to look at expansion, upgrades, or reconfiguring the placement of panels.
  5. Detach and Reinstall / Hail Claim: We can assist any roofer that needs help with detaching and reinstalling solar equipment. We would warranty our work and support your system even if we didn't initially install the equipment.
  6. Solar Assistance when Selling your home: Not every home ends up being a forever home. We can work with your Realtor. We have instructions that will assist you with selling your home and transferring the warranty to your home buyer with Solar. Every system has an interconnection agreement with the utility. This agreement transfers to the buyer.
  7. Buying a home with Solar: You want to certify that the Solar works. We can inspect the system and ensure that it is working or needs repair.
  8. Buying a home without Solar: You are not limited to how often you use the Federal Tax Credit for Solar. Let's look at the numbers again and financing options. Include the cost of solar with your Mortgage.
  9. Inverter Replacement & Chewed wires: We have grown to over 1300 customers, and it happens a handful of times a year, but it does happen where an inverter fails or critters got to the wires chewed them. We do repair service work. A service call starts at $350.
  10. Solar Panel Warranty Replacement: Solar panels are durable with no moving parts. Solar panels sold today carry a 25-year performance and 25-year materials/product warranty. Almost unheard of is a panel that needs replacement. Again, if it does look like a solar panel is not performing, we can look at it and assist with warranty replacement.

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