May 23, 2021

Sun Worshiper, Solar Energy, Solar Panels - Why can't it shine for me?

Brian at Solar Side Up

Colorado sunshine is well known for "300" days of sunshine a year!

Well, not actually! Denver had 245 primarily sunny days last year. The point is we are sun-kissed most of the year here in Colorado. Doesn't capturing these sunrays and putting all that potential energy to use make sense? What else is that roof doing anyway? When was the last time your neighbor or anyone made a mention about how your roof looks? They may if you had solar panels! Solar panels get noticed.

300 days of sunshine. Why can't it shine for you?

In the ten years, Solar Side Up has been in business, 5 KW of solar panels could have produced on average 7,200 kWh a year. That 72 MWh of energy production! OK... but what does that mean?

That investment paid for itself in savings.

Let's look at how this happens. The Utility can't offer a kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity for six cents! But that is your Levelized cost of operating your 5KW of solar! They are constantly struggling to keep their rates low, with higher costs of maintaining and operating the grid. They are raising the rate to 24 cents a kWh for the same electricity during peak demand starting this summer! Fort Collins has been paying for peak demand energy through Time-of-day rates for the last two years! That 5KW of solar is generating that energy at 75% less cost! What does that do to the value of your home? Just think about the house + solar power plant. Are you moving? Great, sell your home with solar and make money! You get a 26% tax credit - the buyers of your home don't.

That investment is doing its part to save the environment and a solution to climate change!

Yes, it isn't just about saving money! It is time to take a stand for the future of our children! If this is an excellent financial decision and reduces your carbon footprint and reduces your use of carbon fuels, why not? The 5KW of solar saved 1263 trees!! It powered the refrigerator by sunshine for 42 years! Offset the carbon of your drive into work!

Were you looking for Independence?

That 5kW of solar power just provided you a slight separation from the Utility. Now you have a seat at the table with your interconnection agreement (now that you can put electricity back onto the grid). The Utility agrees to buy any production over your consumption with a Net Meter keeping score. We don't recommend our customers do that. Instead, we suggest that whatever is being produced by your solar should be used by you at some point; it will be worth much more to use it than sell it back to the Utility at a wholesale rate. You may have an electric car in your garage here shortly.

Why not?

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