February 7, 2020

Solar and Home Values

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What is the cost of a solar panel installation?  It is probably the question we hear most often.  And the answer may be what is the cost of not going solar with a solar panel installation?  What money are you leaving on the table? When would you like to start saving on electricity or pay the lower electricity price?  Part of the problem is that most people don't think about the electricity bill and when they do they are not associating the ability to produce electricity with just consuming electricity.  We understand that utilities generate electricity and make money, but very few think about the value of having the ability to generate that same electricity from solar (photovoltaics) on their roof.  That roof is now an underutilized space - It should have solar panels - converting that sunlight to electricity and powering your home or business!

Energy Sage: Why Go Solar? Increased Property Values

Does solar increase the value of the home more than the cost of the system?  The answer for most homeowners is yes!

From the people at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, a research laboratory affiliated with the Department of Energy who continue to expand on that research as solar grows across the U.S.

Increase home value 3-4% by installing a solar panel system

The Lab’s 2015 Selling Into the Sun report analyzed sales of solar-equipped homes in eight different states over 11 years with the goal of determining just how much value solar adds to a home’s sale price. The key finding: on average, homebuyers are “consistently willing to pay PV home premiums” of approximately $4,000 per kilo-watt (KW) of installed solar capacity (note: this study only covered homes where the solar PV system was owned, not leased).  A standard 7 KW system would add $28,000 to the value of the home.

How long does the average person stay in their home?   13.3 years

As of 2018, the median duration of homeownership in the U.S. is 13.3 years. However, homeowners in some cities in Colorado have moved more recently—or more frequently—than groups in the rest of the country.


Make money!!

You're getting Federal Solar Tax Credit.  26% in 2020.  If you spent $24,000 on a home solar energy system, that would mean a tax credit of $6,240.  The out-of-pocket cost of your system drops to $17,760.

You're paying less to install the system before the tax credit than the resale value of the system.

You can finance the system with a 15-year loan with a monthly payment about equal or just a tad more than what you are paying for electricity on your utility bill now.  After we go to time-of-us rates, the payment could be less. The difference is that now you have solar, you can pay off your electricity needs and save tens of thousands of dollars, and have a super low electricity bill.  Visit: Colorado Energy Office RENU Program

Most systems we install have an estimated 10 to 11-year payback.  The higher or quicker we see increases in electricity prices will most likely shorten that payback period.  Note: Xcel Energy's rates in Colorado

It is a win, win, win for everyone.  Even if you decide to move on to another home, you have the peace of mind that solar home energy is popular and maintains its appeal and resell value.

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