March 29, 2020

Why Us? Proudly Installed and Proudly owned.

1. Solar Side Up Top 10 Solar Panel Installer in Colorado by Volume!

We are a locally owned and operated solar panel sales, design and installation company. We have supported over 1,000 customers with the highest quality design and install service.

2. Solar Built to Last

Our reputation is to use premium components and smart technology that works well together. All our systems use Racking for the greatest lifelong support, others do not! We use approved
penetrations - many do not. Our installs are engineered. We take pride in our quality!

3. Skilled Team - We are the Best

Solar Side Up has a skilled team trained for solar electrical regulations and hardware construction. Some of those other Solar Seller companies hire us to perform their design and install - because we are the best.

4. Nobody Has Been Installing Longer Than Us

Our ownership has been credited with designing and installing the first grid-tied solar in Colorado. We will Custom Design your Solar Electric System for your roof.

5. Master Electrician and Electrical Contractor

Many companies just sell the solar, they don't design nor install it. This part of your system is often subcontracted to the lowest bidder. Some companies even install solar without an electrician. We have a solar master electrician with over 20 years of direct solar experience who designs and performs and oversees all our installations.

6. We Don't Cut Corners on Permitting

Insured & Licensed, we do all the design, structural engineering, permitting, utility interconnect submissions and work with your HOA in a seamless turn-key way.

Our customers consistently mention the process was easy.

Professional all the way, you don't have to wonder if we pulled the right permits.

7. We Run a Tight Ship

You won't have to wonder about us. Our business owners lead every aspect of this business and we do what makes sense. Our 40 years of running businesses guide our success.

8. Affordable Services

We are in the solar business to provide solar the right way. We have put all of our experience, expertise, and knowledge into every project. We have bundled the highest quality for a superior value knowing that quality matters to you in the long run.

9. Hail Happens in Colorado - Roofing Services

We are a Tested and Licensed Roofing Company that can handle your roof with solar. Roofing and Solar go great together! Ask us how.

10. Support When You Need It

We offer a wide range of services beyond the installation of your high-quality solar system. You don't have to worry about durability, or serviceability, or getting support when you need it. We help you whenever you may need us.

Jamie & Rachel know just how easy it is to go Solar with Solar Side Up.About Us
Solar Side Up LLC is a locally owned and operated company that quickly earned its place among the top 10 solar system installers in the state. We provide custom solutions to the unique energy needs of our customers in Colorado. Our solutions are always reliable, affordable, and utterly efficient. These factors make us the best solar panel company for you in the area.

Alberga Install - The Roof is Steep
Eric at Solar Side Up
Solar Side Up Solar Installation in Lakewood CO

Solar Panel Installation Quotes
One of our excellent services is that we offer solar panel installation quotes beforehand. Giving quotes is a win-win situation for both the company and the customer.

Our Top Services

Our top-notch services in CO are:

  • Residential Solar System
  • Commercial Solar System
  • Roofing
  • Solar System Repair
  • Roof Repair
  • Solar Financing

Why Should You Hire Us In Lakewood CO As Your Solar Panel Company?

The Factors Which Make Us Your Best Choice In The Area Are: Ranked Under Top 10 installers
Insured & Licensed
Skills & Experienced Team
Affordable Services
Wide Range Of Service
Customized Solutions
Cost Estimates

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